Why Zack Snyder’s Justice League Needs Reshoots

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It’s official. Zack Snyder’s Justice League is heading in for reshoots. But why?

As we reported yesterday, Zack Snyder will be heading back into production for Justice League. This is all in spite of the huge legal battle between Cyborg actor Ray Fisher and the studio. October will bring back the main cast of the film for the week-long shoot, but you can understand this brings with it some mild confusion from fans. From what we knew, the film was pretty much where it needed to be. After all, Snyder himself showed us the film canisters that showed his Snyder Cut, right?

Well, not quite. But why is that? Why doesn’t he have everything he needs to work with amid the long cut? Well, it’s a mix of things. Reporter Mark Hughes opened up on Twitter about the reasons behind the reshoots, and they make a lot of sense.

“Since it’s now public knowledge, I can say some things I’ve not been able to say before: the amount of $ spent on Snyder’s JL isn’t a reflection of his original cut being as incomplete as folks used to claim. It’s b/c new footage is being shot beyond just finishing his cut. The original “Snyder Cut” we talked a/b for the past year-plus was more than 90+% complete, & did NOT need tens of millions to get THAT cut into shape. The higher dollar amount is b/c the work on the film includes re-editing it into individual episodes + NEW footage,” Hughes wrote.”

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“For example,” he continued, “there are certain DC characters originally intended to be in JL, but those scenes weren’t filmed & it was dropped at the time. Now, however, those things can be added in, as well as other scenes, & it all needs different editing into episodes w/the right pacing. So no, the original “it’ll take tens of millions of $ to finish  Snyder Cut” claims were NOT proven true by the budgeting for ZSJL.

Hughes concluded: “The reason some press have claimed “we were right all along” is b/c some WB folks were (falsely) telling the press no new scenes would be shot. Those WB folks may have legitimately thought that was true, by the way, b/c it appears a lot of folks at the studio are still not always sure a/b what’s up — partly b/c things are changing & in flux a lot so a lot of folks aren’t “in the loop” on everything.”

So, that’s a lot to unpack, but let’s give it a shot anyway. First off, it’s worth remembering this isn’t exactly the cut we would have gotten in theaters. It needs to be modified to fit the TV format, and as such, requires more scenes to act as cartilage between episodes. 

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Additionally, we can’t forget that Warner Bros was already horning in on Snyder in the midst of production. That meant there were scenes cut for time, including those introducing other characters. These could be characters like Martian Manhunter — who is in a scene we know exists. It can also include the likes of Darkseid and maybe even a Green Lantern.

So, it’s a mix of cartilage scenes for the re-edited episode and shooting stuff they couldn’t due to time. I, for one, and all for this. If we’re going to get Zack Snyder’s Justice League, make sure you add in all necessary reshoots to make it his true vision.

How do you feel about Zack Snyder’s Justice League undergoing reshoots? Sound off down below!

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SOURCE: Mark Hughes

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