– by Seth McDonald

It’s well known throughout the nerd world that a Deadpool animated series is in the works. Created by the multitalented Donald Glover and his brother Stephen, the series is set to debut sometime this year on FX. To work on the project, Glover brought over Stefani Robinson, one the writers from his hit show Atlanta, and she recently spoke with ComicBook.com, and gave a little insight into the direction the show is taking:

“I believe that we sort of attacked it at an angle that was very true to us and made sense to us, and I don’t think we took many cues from the movie or what the general public knows about Deadpool. I think we sort of lean into the comic books. We’re like, ‘This is how we interpret this person, and this character, this superhero, this anti-hero, whatever,’ and sort of made that apply to what we love in TV in our lives.”

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While I don’t know much about Robinson, I am familiar with Glover, and the guy excels at everything he does. I see no reason why his Deadpool adaptation would be any different. Glover and Robinson should bring us a worthy iteration of the character that is both unique and fun.

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Source: ComicBook.com