The Budget For The Mandalorian May Shock You

It often seems that you have to spend money in order to make money. There are both political and economic debates to be had with that statement, but when it comes to Hollywood, it's... well

Jason Reitman Is Ready To Make Ghostbusters 2020

We need to talk before we get to the Instagram image shared by Jason Reitman. Full disclosure, I am a die hard Ghostbusters fan. I hated the 2016 film for having no amount of heart

The Future Of Cassie Lang In The MCU

We are in a post-Avengers: Endgame world now. That film changed the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it and saw many of its veteran members die, retire, or head off-world. So who will

The Invisible Man Gets Its Invisible Man

Ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe became a thing, movie studios have been trying to create their own shared universes. No one has quite done what Marvel Studios has done, although the Conjuring Universe is

Lighter Lightsabers May Lead To The Most Epic Fight In All Of Star Wars The Lightsaber has been captivating audiences since 1977. The idea of a "laser sword" (which is the absolute worst way to describe it... George!) is exciting as it combines fantasy/medieval fighting with science fiction's