Jacob Perez on Starring Alongside Liam Neeson in The Marksman [Exclusive Interview]

Not very many young children get to star alongside megastars like Liam Neeson. Jacob Perez had that opportunity to be in The Marksman with Neeson. Not only it’s a rare opportunity, but The Marksman also

Walking With Herb: Edward James Olmos Talks About Second Chances [Exclusive Interview]

Edward James Olmos stars in the upcoming film Walking With Herb. A story written by the late Mark Medoff.  https://youtu.be/DnRurQZbdf8 The Synopsis  Joe Amable-Amo (Edward James Olmos) is a bank executive and former amateur golfer

Mortal Kombat: Director Simon McQuoid Talks Sub-Zero’s Return

I was overconfident. Taken in by the trailers for the film. While I was entertained and more or less enjoyed the new Mortal Kombat film I have to say it wasn't a very good film. The

Ben Sharrock on Telling A Refuge Story in Limbo [Exclusive Interview]

Refugees are in a state of helplessness in terms of fleeing their old country and entering a new one. On one hand, they miss their home country, longing to return to a country that means

The Suicide Squad: James Gunn Picked The DC Property He Wanted And Really Could Kill Anyone

The Suicide Squad is the next film on the DC slate, meaning we'll be getting more and more DC related articles in the coming months. James Gunn, director of both Guardians of the Galaxy, is

Falcon And The Winter Soldier Did Have A Cut Storyline But It Wasn’t About A Pandemic

Falcon and the Winter Soldier has come to an end. The second show from Marvel Studios on Disney+ knocked it out of the park, as far as I'm concerned. Based on a rumor that was

Mayan M.C.’s Richard Cabral Talks About The ‘Hardest Role’ Of His Career As Johnny ‘Coco’ Cruz [Exclusive Interview]

It's Tuesday which means that Mayans M.C. is back on FX tonight. Season three looks like it's going to be a turning point for various characters in the series. Especially for one Johnny “Coco” Cruz,

Godzilla Vs Kong Director Confirms Mechagodzilla Controlled By Ghidorah

For the Godzilla vs Kong, director Adam Wingard put together an ask me anything on Reddit recently to answer any questions and fill in any plot holes fans have had. When Mechagodzilla was activated before

Tech Tuesday: The End Of Physical Media? Crappy Extras Forever? WB Thinks So, Allegedly | LRMornings

Tech Tuesday: The End Of Physical Media? Crappy Extras Forever? WB Thinks So, Allegedly | LRMornings https://youtu.be/qmxxU2knI0U Listen And Subscribe On: Apple Podcasts |Spotify |SoundCloud | Stitcher | Google Play Start your day geek with LRMornings. LRM‘s daily

A Chat With Director Kevin Notling On His Disney/Pixar Short 22 Vs. Earth [Exclusive Interview]

Big weekend for the Disney/Pixar animated feature Soul. This past Sunday the film earned two Academy Awards including Best Original Score and Best Animated Feature. No doubt that this film’s message about our identity mixed