Alan Ng Talks About Bringing The Action Silhouettes In Expend4bles | Exclusive

In The Expendables fans the action scenes are part of the highlight. This time, for Expend4bles Alan Ng brings the action silhouettes. The Synopsis A new generation of stars join the world’s top action

The Untold Relationship Between Comic Books And Casinos

Over the last century, comics have become a much-loved source of entertainment around the world. Characters, first developed for comic books, comic strips and graphic novels, have been adapted for the big screen and become

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As we normally do, today is social media embargo day for Loki and we have reactions for Loki Season 2. As per usual I will round up a selection of comments I have found online

James Gunn Is Writing Peacemaker Season 2 And It Will Address DCU Switch

DC co-boss James Gunn is currently writing Peacemaker Season 2 and confirms it will address the DCU switch. Gunn, as he does took to social media platform Threads to answer some fan questions. In response

DC Spotlight October 3, 2023: The Comic Source Podcast

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