Adam Pally on Voicing Broth for Hulu’s Crossing Swords [Exclusive Interview]

Adam Pally
Adam Pally in Crossing Swords as Broth

Adam Pally is no stranger in the voice acting world. But, Crossing Swords will be his first trek into the absurdity produced by the guys behind Robot Chicken.

Known for his sharp comedic sarcasm, Pally voices the incompetent and mellow knight-in-training Broth. He serves as a sidekick to the series hero, Patrick, by going on many adventures. Unknowingly, he tends to mess things up and makes the situation worse.

His character appears in all ten episodes for Crossing Swords that are now streaming on Hulu.

LRM Online exclusively spoke to Adam Pally briefly over the phone during this week’s press junket. We talked about his voice acting career and the show.

Pally is very known for his comedic chops. He has appeared in films such as Dirty Grandpa, Band Aid, and Sonic the Hedgehog. He had voiced in shows like American Dad and Archibald’s Next Big Thing.

Watch Crossing Swords on Hulu today.

Here’s the full interview below:

Gig Patta: Congratulations on another successful project under your belt.

Adam Pally: Oh, thank you. That’s very kind.

Gig Patta: What initially attracted you to an unusual project like Crossing Swords?

Adam Pally: The team behind it. First off, I love Seth Green and everybody at Robot Chicken. The way that they were doing this was a good recipe for something absurd. I didn’t know that this would be the timing of it. Perhaps maybe that’s a good thing.

Gig Patta: That’s true. Do you watch your voiceover projects yourself?

Adam Pally: Sometimes, I do. When they’re kids shows, I watched a lot of them since my children love cartoons. If I’m in a cartoon, it’s kind of a fun thing for my kids to watch. I’ll do that a lot. But, I don’t often watch my stuff mostly for fear that someone will be catching me watching my stuff.

Gig Patta: On a project like Crossing Swords, did you get a chance to watch any of the episodes?

Adam Pally: Yeah, I was sent a link when it was done. And I got a chance to see everything. Some stuff I saw on the way through like they were building the animation. Like I said before, I have children. I can’t leave Crossing Swords in the middle of the day here.

Gig Patta: [Laughs] What was your initial reaction when you finally got a chance to view it?

Adam Pally: First of all, I was taken aback by the stop motion. I haven’t been a part of something like that. I just saw how amazing the sets were and how everything was cool. Their limitations became part of the creativity of it. I thought that was the coolest parts.

Gig Patta: In your own words, how would you describe Broth? How similar is that character to you?

Adam Pally: Well, I’m a functioning member of society, so I don’t think we’re that similar. [Laughs] That’s the main thing. I describe Broth as the ultimate sidekick, who hurts you probably more than he helps you.

Gig Patta: How did you come up with the voice for Broth? I find him almost like a surfer-like dude kind of voice.

Adam Pally: I was thinking like something kind of uplifting and pleasant. I liked those types of vibes. Surfer vibes are cool. They’re mellow. He is the type of guy as a “go with the flow” dude. It was an excellent place to start.

Gig Patta: How do you get into a character like Broth, especially since he’s nothing like you?

Adam Pally: You lean into the money. No matter what the character is, you can find something that you improvise with. You just kind of have to rely on that. So by boiling it down from the big thing to the small choices they make and the way they speak. You can always find something.

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Gig Patta: How different being in the voiceover booth for a project like Crossing Swords than the previous project voiceover projects that you have worked on before?

Adam Pally: A lot of the previous voiceover projects I’ve worked on are children’s shows. This one was kind of fun to let it rip a bit up a little bit to see how funny you could be without worrying about how inappropriate you were being.

Gig Patta: Do they give you chances to improv?

Adam Pally: Yes, they do. The director was great about that. He was good about letting us find a way to put it in our own voice.

Gig Patta: Are you typically an improv person? Does it come easy for you?

Adam Pally: I was trained at improv. I liked to do it. It also feels exciting when you’re doing it. A really good improviser is also a good actor. You got to be able to do both.

Gig Patta: With most voiceover projects today, most actors work in the voiceover booth by themselves. Does it make it hard to improv your lines by yourself?

Adam Pally: No. I prefer to do things by myself.

Gig Patta: Oh, really? Why?

Adam Pally: No, not really. [Laughs] It doesn’t make it harder. It’s just part of the job. I don’t know if one is easier or harder cause, because doing live-action has drawbacks as well. It’s just different.

Gig Patta: Do you prefer doing things live-action, or do you like voiceover work?

Adam Pally: I like doing things live-action when my weight is under control. [Laughs]

Gig Patta: Before you took on this voiceover project, did the production crew showed you what Broth looked like? Or did you get a tour afterward?

Adam Pally: I wasn’t able to go on a tour, but I was sent links to what the animation would look like. It helps me keep up my performance in the same place, like from episode to episode.

Gig Patta: Since you have done so many children’s shows, including this one, what do you enjoy about doing voiceover work the most?

Adam Pally: Well, I like doing everything. I love having a wide array of stuff in my vault, you know? I hadn’t done an adult absurd animated show yet. That’s why I did this one. I liked doing kids’ shows because I get to watch some of it with my kids. It is fulfilling.

Gig Patta: In your recommendation, you would never let your kids ever watch this show, right?

Adam Pally: Never. Maybe not never. Only when they’re old enough to have their own Google account.

Gig Patta: Let me start wrapping things up. You answered a lot of my questions. Do you have upcoming projects for yourself?

Adam Pally: I do have upcoming projects for myself, but we’re in the pandemic. I don’t know what they are or when they are. My main project is to keep my family healthy and keep going.

Gig Patta: Great answer. Since I have a little bit of time, I just want to ask you an off-topic question. You were the other Biker Scout Trooper in Disney+’s The Mandalorian. How did it feel to be the other Scout Trooper to counter a Jason Sudeikis?

Adam Pally: Well, someone says that he was the other one to me, my friend. It depends on who you talk to.

Gig Patta: So true.

Adam Pally: It felt great. I was so excited to make Star Wars. And to be a part of anything by working with Taika [Waititi] was great. It was an awesome experience.

Gig Patta: One more quick question, before I let you go–you would never punch a baby Yoda in the face? Would you?

Adam Pally: Yes, I did. And I would do it again.

Gig Patta: [Laughs] Hey, thank you very much. I appreciate this conversation. Thank you.

Adam Pally: Of course. Thank you.

Watch Crossing Swords on Hulu today.

Source: LRM Online Exclusive, Hulu

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