– by Seth McDonald

AMC is either unaware or simply doesn’t pay any mind to the feelings of a good number of fans of The Walking Dead. Recently we heard how they plan to continue the show for another decade (check out the RELATED section for more on that), and today comes news the network has more plans for the franchise as television spinoffs and films are on the slate.

Josh Sapan, Chief Executive Officer had this to say at a September press conference:
“We have a plan that goes well into the future.”
AMC is said to be looking for a partner that will help them make the franchise into a vast shared universe. If you are a regular LRM reader than you are likely well aware of my feelings on the last two seasons of The Walking Dead. To be short, they haven’t sat well with me, but because I, like many other,s have so much time invested in the show, we continue to watch. There is a  limit on that loyalty though, at least for me. Having said that, with the time jump and the departure of Rick Maggie at somepoint during the upcoming season, I am somewhat excited for Season 9.

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Source: ComingSoon