Author: Kyle Spishock

Kyle Spishock

With Cobra Kai Success, Which ’80s Movie Series Should Be Next?

The Cobra Kai trailers were a little goofy, portraying what seemed like a YouTube fan film of the events that transpired after the original Karate Kid. The premise seemed enjoyable enough. However, considering it was

The Very Best (And Very Worst) Of The San Diego Comic-Con

The costumed masses have dissipated from the San Diego Convention Center. Where once there were hallways cluttered with the latest pop culture extravaganza, now there only the anticipations from what transpired at this years San

Why Game Of Thrones’ Series Finale Won’t Live Up To The Hype

  The end is fast approaching for Game of Thrones, and with its conclusion nigh, one of its stars, Maisie Williams, took to social media to tease her own end of the road. The picture

Why Scott Lang Was The Superior Ant-Man Movie Choice To Hank Pym

It came as a surprise to casual Marvel fans several years back when Scott Lang was announced as Ant-Man in Marvel Studios' movie adaptation. The original scientist to put on the ant suit, Hank Pym,

Westworld Flop: The Biggest HBO Letdown Since True Detective Season Two

Sitting through Westworld Season 2 was like trying to figure out a puzzle box without any instructions. You can try to solve the mysteries by implementing a variety of different techniques. Once the puzzle is

A Wrinkle In Time Is Not As Bad As You Think

From the start, the bemused murmurs were faintly heard throughout the theater when the character posters were introduced to the walls. On one, Oprah Winfrey stood in a costume more appropriate for EDC attire; above

Incredibles 2 Waited Too Long For Greatness

A poster for the upcoming The Incredibles 2 shows an illustration of Edna Mode, the eccentric fashion designer who outfits all superheroes in Metroville. Below her face, the tagline reads “it’s been too long dahlings.”

Solo Failure: Why Kathleen Kennedy Is Still The Woman For The Job

There’s been a disturbance in the force at the box-office. After nine consecutive Star Wars hits, Solo: A Star Wars Story will likely be the first failure of the franchise. It’s not floundering at the