– by Anthony Esteves

In November of 2017, one of Marvel’s greatest creative minds announced that he would be leaving the company to work exclusively for DC Comics. His time at Marvel was filled with such adventures as Secret War, House of M, and Siege. He dissassembled the Avengers and introduced Riri Williams, the very young genius who becomes IronHeart in the place of a missing Tony Stark. Both his creator-owned comics and his work for Marvel has earned him 5 Eisner awards.

And now, we are only a few days away from his DC debut.

This coming Wednesday, Brian Michael Bendis’ Man of Steel #1 hits the stands. Come July, Bendis will be writing both Man of Steel  and  Action Comics as he starts his full stride with DC. Bendis has stated that Superman fans should feel both “nervous and excited” about what he has planned for the famed Kryptonian. With the build up of that “nervous/excited” feeling, Bendis sat down with CBR.com for an interview about his arrival and plans.

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When asked about how he approached writing Superman authentically, Bendis recounts his arrival at DC and what happened when he explained his plans:

“Because I’m not writing the icon on any level, whatsoever. I’m writing the character. And that was one of the great moments I had in the DC office when I first came there. I was sitting there talking about the characters, and I was talking about Clark, and Diana, and Bruce, and [DC Group Editor] Brian Cunningham slammed his fist on the table and goes,”You’re doing it right!” I go, “Why?” “You’re talking about them as people, not icons! You’ve never called him anything other than Clark!” Yeah, he’s a dude. The icon’s what’s been thrust upon him. That takes care of itself. He just shows up and he’s an icon. To write the honest person is what you want to do. That’s what I’ve been doing.”

For the entire interview, follow the source link below. Man of Steel #1 will be available Wednesday, May 30th.

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Source: CBR.com.