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In just a few days time, Deadpool 2 will be here, coming with Deadpool, is Josh Brolin’s Cable. It appears as if the test screenings didn’t have enough of Brolin’s character in the film. In a recent interview with Yahoo! Movies UK, Brolin revealed one of the main reasons for the film’s reshoots was to increase the physical presence of his character.

“There was so much emphasis on Cable that you forgot that it was an introductory movie for Cable. We go into X-Force and Cable’s a massive presence in X-Force, he’s the leader of X-Force, and Deadpool’s a part of X-Force, so it’s a very introductory film for him. There was so much emphasis put on him, that when you go we gotta do reshoots because test screenings loved that character, but having done True Grit with 7 minutes of screen time, but you’re talking about him the whole time, he feels like he’s in the entire movie. This, you’re talking about Cable so much, you feel like he’s in more of the movie than he is. But I think we just needed a little more, and we needed to tighten up a few things. There were a couple of fight scenes that we just made more complete.”

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It sounds like Cable already had a huge presence in the film, but that more screen time was needed for the character. As we have all seen from the film’s trailers, Cable is a force to be reckoned with, even for Deadpool, who is nearly indestructible. From what Brolin says the film is going to have much more of that force than originally intended. The filmmakers took the word of early viewers and obliged, and judging from the early reactions, they made the right decision.

Deadpool 2 opens this Friday, May 18.

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Source: Yahoo! Movies UK (via MovieWeb)