New Star Wars Sequel Posters As Bad As The Movies Plus Deborah Chow Director Award Nom. WTH?

new Star Wars sequel posters released and frankly they are as bad as the movies themselves. Plus Deborah Chow nominated for director award.

There are some officially commissioned new Star Wars sequel posters released and frankly they are as bad as the movies themselves in my humble opinion. Plus Deborah Chow nominated for a director award for Obi-Wan…WTH?

I’ll get to my issues with Chow’s award nomination in a moment or two. First off, I won’t say too much about these. However here are some new posters, I think the instruction must have been ‘make these as underwhelming as the movies were’.

I really dislike these, no offence to the artist. Its like each is shaped out of a character head or droid, but it wasn’t big enough. Therefore a random square box was added to the top of each. Not to mention that I’m flabbergasted that Phasma has her helmet used to represent The Last Jedi. That character should be hidden for all time and never mentioned again by anyone at Disney. No offence to Gwen Christie who I actual very much admire as an actor. The character was laughably unrealized though.

Also, these posters will not match in any way aesthetically with the movie that came before it. Which just further compounds the fact these movies should never have been made and actively worked against the other 6 movies that came before them.

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Second, did you hear Deborah Chow was nominated for a Director Award at the DGAA awards for Obi-Wan. Why? Who watched Obi-Wan Kenobi and felt that was a well directed show? Perhaps it was thew various continuity errors that showed up? Or, the weird geography of where characters came from? Perhaps it was the silly way Vader could not put out a fire for plot armor reasons and it was just left as is? Or perhaps it was the poor action sequences as the Empire attacked that base and Snowspeeders fired point blank range into Lightsaber wielders? You tell me folks.

Obi-Wan Kenobi was IMO a good idea that was poorly executed both in the final script, and in the direction chosen by Chow. I can only assume Disney was passing out the cold hard cash to voters. Also, somehow Better Call Saul once again failed to win a single award. Awards season, I blooming hate it, corrupt, pointless, pretentious and boring as always.

Let me know what you think of these new Star Wars sequel posters. Plus the Deborah Chow director award nomination for Obi-Wan Kenobi. As always, leave any thoughts below.

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