– by Seth McDonald

Now at this point these are rumors from supposed leaks, but the website The Dork Side Of The Force reports that the novelization of Star Wars: The Last Jedi has leaked, and finally gives fans insight into the past of Supreme Leader Snoke. There is some really good information in here, assuming everything is legit. I will highlight some of the more interesting points below:

–First off, let’s start with probably the best thing to come out of the novel, Snoke and Luke Skywalker have met before. They even discussed the Force, and Snoke respected Luke’s interest and search for knowledge. It is also unclear if Luke knew That Snoke was evil at this time.

–A young Snoke looked into his own future, realizing when he was older, and that the visions were incomplete.

–Those who underestimated Snoke felt his wrath as he has killed in great numbers.

–Snoke didn’t have intentions of leading the First Order, he simply came across the opportunity and took advantage of it.

–Darth Sidious sensed Snoke, but wasn’t sure exactly what he was sensing.

–Operation Cinder: a plan put in place by Palpatine that would be enacted upon his own death, that would tear the Empire to the ground and allow itself to be rebuilt. Snoke used this plan to rise to power within the First Order.

–Leaders of the Empire did not see Snoke rising to power, and he either killed them personally or arranged for their deaths, except for General Hux, who he used for his own purposes.

–Snoke’s foresight and knowledge rescued the First Order from many adversaries.

–Snoke’s time spent in the Unknown Regions allowed him to discover many things about the Force.

–Snoke thinks Rey would have been a worthy apprentice.

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From the information given, it sounds like the life of Snoke was very interesting, almost interesting enough to at least put some of it on the screen, however, Johnson has explained why he didn’t think it was important, so yeah.

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Source: The Dork Side Of The Force