– by Seth McDonald

The mostly welcome onslaught of the Spider-Man: Homecoming promotional campaign continues, this time with a very clever billboard. The billboard appears to be broken in half and shows Spider-Man using his web shooters to hold the sign in place. The middle part of the board behind Spider-Man is painted blue to blend in with the sky and makes for a nice optical illusion. One of the better movie billboards I have seen in good long while, and is probably my favorite piece from the film’s campaign thus far.

Gearing up for his first big screen adventure as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in, Spider-Man Homecoming, the studios have laid the trailers, clips, featurettes and now the billboard, on a bit heavy. While it’s debatable as to how much pre-movie content is too much content, at least the media is out there for those who want to soak up all they can. The others who would prefer to go into the film knowing next to nothing can just refrain from clicking that ever so tempting link.

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I have been excited about the movie ever since the landmark deal between Marvel and Sony was made, if for no other reason than having a great deal of confidence in Marvel and way the handle their characters, that confidence was then strengthened by Tom Holland’s portrayal of the web-slinger in Captain America: Civil War. While I don’t mind all the promotional material, it is not necessary for me to be in line opening night, I would be there without ever watching a trailer. It is better to have more pre-movie content and not want to watch it, than to want to watch it, and not have it.

Most everything from the campaign has had a simple theme, that theme being fun. While Peter Parker is a hero that many are thankful to, he probably has the most fun doing it besides Deadpool. Much like the Merc with the Mouth, Spidey always has something to say and is good for at least a couple one-liners during every fight.

What do you think about the billboard, and the Spider-Man: Homecoming marketing campaign?

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