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Ferrari Trailer Sets Up A Wild Ride Of Enzo Ferrari

Film enthusiasts and motorsport fans alike are buzzing with anticipation as the trailer for the upcoming movie Ferrari was finally released. The film, directed by the renowned Michael Mann, promises to provide a riveting glimpse

Ferrari Trailer Tells A Story of Famous Race Car Driver Struggles with Family and Building the Perfect Car

Audiences still have the need for speed. With the true story of Gran Turismo winning the latest weekend box office, the theaters can make room easily for another racing car film at the starting line

The Last Duel Extended Clip Shows Preparations Before The Match

Hundreds of years ago, people settle their differences on a battlefield in front of a crowd—not by cyberbullying on social media or in a court. Based on a true story, The Last Duel is a

SBIFF 2020: Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson Outstanding Performers of the Year Award and Red Carpet Interviews Day 3

As with all troubled marriages, only one parent will show up to a function. Santa Barbara International Film Festival honored actors Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson with the Outstanding Performers of the Year Award. In