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Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD Season 6 Hitting Earlier

https://twitter.com/AgentsofSHIELD/status/1096126129830797312 Yeah, I know... Season 6??? I didn't expect this show to be still going either, but here we are. The show was originally supposed to air its first episode of the latest season in

ABC President Says They Are ‘Cooking Up’ New Marvel TV Shows

  Currently, ABC has only one Marvel TV show, that being Agents of SHIELD. We know that Inhumans failed to capture an audience and Marvel's Most Wanted was canned before it ever got going. We

Agents Of SHIELD Wont Be Back Till 2019 But It Might Not Be The End

Fans feared that ABC/Marvels Agents of SHIELD would finish after season 5 and be cancelled following decreasing viewing figures. But we recently found out that ABC has renewed Agents of SHIELD for a shorter 13