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Alex Rider: Ronke Adekoluejo And Brenock O’Connor Talk About The New IMDb TV Series  [Exclusive Interview]

Ronke Adekoluejo and Brenock O'Connor are part of the new Alex Rider series on IMDb TV.  Alex Rider is based on the second book, Point Blanc of the franchise. Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker (2006) was the

A Second Season Of Alex Rider Has Been Announced!

Alex Rider Season Two is announced by IMDb TV and Amazon Prime Video! Season one was a full success this summer on Amazon Prime Video in the UK, Australia and Germany. IMDb in the US,

The New Trailer for IMDB TV Original Alex Rider

IMDB TV has made a second trailer for the new Original Alex Rider Series. All episodes are scheduled to premiere November 13th. Alex Rider is based on the second book, Point Blank of the franchise.

Amazon Prime Lines Up Its Panels For New York Comic Con

While Covid-19 has halted in-person comic conventions all across the country, it has not stopped them entirely. Instead of traveling to these conventions they are coming to us.  The next major convention up on the

Alex Rider: A Teen Turns Into A Reluctant Spy

Alex Rider. Man, that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. I admittedly haven’t read the young adult novels, but as a bookstore frequenter, it was one of those series I came across

Alex Rider Heads To TV

Action, Adrenaline, Adventure. Three words that promise so much.  Three words that sum up the exploits of teen superspy, Alex Rider. Rider, created by Anthony Horowitz is the main protagonist of the Alex Rider novel