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Tyner Rushing Talks About Flying A Plane To Prepare For The Terminal List [Exclusive Interview]

Tyner Rushing took serious training in flying a plane for her character in The Terminal List. Working closely with Chris Pratt’s character showing real loyalty. https://youtu.be/U6TkRPiHyQg The Synopsis  Based on the best-selling novel by Jack

Prime Video’s The Wilds S2 | Sarah Pidgeon and Reign Edwards Roundtable Interview

The social experiment had taken its toll on the girls of the deserted island of Prime Video’s The Wilds. In season two, Leah Rilke (played by Sarah Pidgeon) must deal with her loss of sanity

Prime Video’s The Wilds S2 | Rachel Griffiths Interview [Exclusive]

Rachel Griffiths probably plays one of the most despicable villains with Gretchen Klein in the streaming series The Wilds for Prime Video. The woman is uncaring, manipulative, and has a firm belief lives can be

Amazon Prime Video’s The Wilds S2 | Nicholas Coombe and Miles Gutierrez-Riley Roundtable Interview [Exclusive]

It’s the boys’ turn. Well, sort of. In the second season of Amazon Prime Video’s The Wilds, the social experiment takes a turn to introduce a control group to observe the girls on a deserted

Prime Video’s I Love America | Colin Woodell Interview [Exclusive]

I Love America is a romantic film about a French woman seeking love and starting a new life in one of the busiest cities in the world—Los Angeles. Eventually, Lisa (Sophie Marceau) finds a possible

Prime Video’s The Wilds | Sarah Streicher and Amy Harris Roundtable Interview

Amazon Prime Video’s The Wilds is one cruel psychological experiment. Executive producers Sarah Streicher and Amy Harris crafted a captivating story of a survival experiment of an unwilling group of girls on a deserted island.

Amazon’s Prime Video I Love America | Lisa Azuelos Interview [Exclusive]

Lisa Azuelos had a unique journey in the United States. As a filmmaker, she realized the best stories are her own personal stories. Thus, she wrote and directed the romantic movie I Love America which

Naren Shankar, Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham on Concluding Amazon’s The Expanse Final Season [Exclusive Interview]

It’ll be a sweet end to the long-running sci-fi series The Expanse on Amazon Prime for the executive producers Naren Shankar, Daniel Abraham, and Ty Franck. After six seasons, the crew of the Rocinante will

‘The Wheel of Time’ Navigates Grief and Vulnerability in ‘Blood Calls Blood’ – NFC Podcast

Nerd Flix & Chill is here with another podcast recap of 'The Wheel of Time.' This week's episode, 'Blood Call's Blood,' finds many of our characters dealing with the aftermath of Logain's attack. It is

David Farr on the Last Season of Amazon’s Hanna [Exclusive Interview]

The super assassin’s journey in Amazon’s Hanna is quickly coming towards an end with the final confrontation with Utrax. Showrunner David Farr teases the third and final season with the complex relationships between allies and