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May the Force Be With You And Your Echo Dot

Happy May the 4th be with you and go big everyday adding a new feature to your Echo Dot. Amazon is doing so by bringing a new Star Wars themed limited edition Echo Dot stand

Shohreh Aghdashloo on Space Politics and Saying Farewell in Final Season of Amazon’s The Expanse [Exclusive Interview]

Politicians are often despised by many people, including their oppositions. For Shohreh Aghdashloo’s Christjen Avasarala, leading a government of Earth is a difficult balancing act against Mars’ and the Belter’s interests. So difficult, the fate

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie New First Look Images from Amazon

Oh, to be a drag queen on stage! Amazon Originals released the first look images of the upcoming musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. This year with 2021, we already had a great musical with In

The Movie Business Is Changing! | Free Talk Friday

The Movie business is changing! Some might say this was an inevitable result of the pandemic, but it seems the streaming wars are actually a far bigger catalyst. We are now in a period of

Sony Out Sonys Themselves: Kraven The Hunter Hits In 2023 & Amazon Gets RoboCop and Bond With MGM Purchase | Daily COG

Sony Out Sonys Themselves: Kraven The Hunter Hits In 2023 & Amazon Gets RoboCop and Bond With MGM Purchase | Daily COG https://youtu.be/MJnlRKgFD1U Listen And Subscribe On: Apple Podcasts |Spotify |SoundCloud | Stitcher | Google Play

Amazon Set To “Reimagine” MGM Franchises “For The 21st Century” Says Jeff Bezos

Amazon's Jeff Bezos is excited to get his grubby little hands on  MGM's beautiful films and franchises. At an Amazon annual shareholder meeting, Bezos shared his excitement over his company's $8.45 billion purchase of MGM. 

Invincible Teaser Trailer Drops from Amazon Prime & Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment

https://youtu.be/JuMiq7eg91M During the virtual NYCC Metaverse Skybound Panel, a teaser trailer for the animated series Invincible was released. From Amazon and Robert Kirkman's Skybound entertainment. Many will recognize Kirkman as the creator of The Walking

Nicolas Cage To Voice Vern In Amazon Adaptation of Highfire Novel

An adaptation of Highfire: A Novel is in the works from Amazon and is based on the novel by Eoin Colfer. Nicolas Cage is set to eceutive produce ad voice the dragon (wyvern) who is

Behind the Scenes Interviews for Amazon’s El Presidente

[caption id="attachment_159903" align="alignnone" width="2000"] El Presidente banner[/caption] A scandal in 2015 rocked the soccer world when corruption was uncovered in connection with the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). United States’ FBI and IRS uncovered

RUMOR: Is Amazon Trying To Buy AMC Theaters?

It's an understatement to say that movie theaters have been struggling these last few months. Specifically AMC, which has 1,000 outlets and 10,000 screens around the world. The current global situation has theaters shut down.