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American Gods – Neil Gaiman Talks The Unusual Production Of Season 2

One of the more recent television shows to catapult itself to the top of my watch list is American Gods. Between the first season and production on the second season, the show went through a

Starz Releases A Three Minute Clip From Its Upcoming Second Season Of American Gods

https://twitter.com/AmericanGodsSTZ/status/1079223314080395264 The Twitter account of the Starz original series American Gods has released a 3-minute scene from the upcoming second season. This comes a few months before the show's return in March. The scene features Mr.

American Gods Season Two Adds New Cast Members

In 2017, Starz took a chance on a very complex story. Writers Bryan Fuller and Michael Green made an ambitious attempt to adapt author Neil Gaiman’s international bestselling novel American Gods into a cable television series. Starz

Neil Gaiman Will Help Oversee American Gods For Season 2, Plus Why Season 2 Was Delayed

The Starz series American Gods, which is based on the Neil Gaiman novel of the same name, got off to a strong start. It was a critically-acclaimed, and beloved by those who read the book,