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The Enforcer Has Antonio Banderas Betraying The Mob

No doubt Antonio Banderas is a great action star. His tough attitude and fearless glare make him the perfect hero or villain in any film. In The Enforcer, Banderas is an anti-hero who seeks to

Penélope Cruz Y Antonio Banderas En La Comedia Competencia Oficial | Trailer

Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas y Oscar Martinez hacen una buena agrupación en la comedia, Competencia Oficial. Hizo su premier en 2021 en competencia durante el festival de cine en Venecia. Desde entonces ha recibido extraordinarias

The Mask Of Zorro 4K Ultra HD Review: A Timeless Action-Adventure Film

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of my family going out together to the theater. A film that has always stood out to me that we watched is The Mask of Zorro. It was

Exclusive Clip: Director Pedro Almodovar on Musical Influences for Pain and Glory

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o61u4hclnh8 Spanish film Pain and Glory is receiving plenty of recognition during the award season. It earned an Oscar nod for actor Antonio Banderas for Best Actor on his portrayal of the sufferings of a

The Mask Of Zorro Turns 20

Having just broken into the mainstream in the U.S. with films like Philadelphia, Interview With The Vampire, and Desperado, Antonio Banderas had still not reached the big time. What hung around in his head, which he explained in

Exclusive: Behind The Scenes Clip To Gun Shy Starring Antonio Banderas

Rock on! Antonio Banderas is back in the film action scene with Gun Shy as an aging rock star trying to save his supermodel from renegades in Chile. The film also stars Olga Kurylenko (Quantum