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Death Note Manga Features President Donald Trump And Is Free to Read

[caption id="attachment_155498" align="alignnone" width="829"] Death Note Manga with Donald Trump meeting Ryuk[/caption] Death Note manga is back as a new one-shot story. The one-shot introduces a new lead to the franchise named Minoru Tanaka, a

Death Note 2 Is Apparently Alive And Well

While director Adam Wingard did the best he could with that Death Note movie, it didn’t exactly set the fan base on fire with confidence. I personally enjoyed the film as an alternate take of

Top 5 2000s Anime Openings And Themes

Continuing with last week's post I will break down what I personally think are the best anime openings of each decade. With anime having wide appeal and many different genres the choices are vast and are

Netflix Developing Death Note Sequel

At last year's San Diego Comic-Con, I had a chance to check out a special screening of Netflix's long-awaited adaptation of the popular shonen supernatural thriller manga series, Death Note. The film starred Nat Wolff,

Death Note: Story Was Pitched As Two or Three-Film Series, Netflix ‘Ready’ To Make Sequel If Earned

Right now, both critics and fans have Death Note tied to a wooden post and are having a hell of a time giving it a lashing. Like many anime or manga adaptations that have come

Death Note Producer Masi Oka On Working With The Manga Creators & Adapting This Challenging Property For Netflix

It's been incredibly rewarding to seen the landscape of film change over the past few years. Yes, blockbusters are only getting bigger and bigger, but we're also seeing a real divide, not only in the

Death Note Would Not Have Happened Without Netflix

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: Netflix is changing the landscape of film. If you have yet to hear our conversation on this very subject matter in the latest episode of Los

The Obi-Wan Movie Is A Terrible Idea, & More!

FOLLOW US ON SOUNDCLOUD! SUBSCRIBE ON iTUNES! FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK! [embed]https://soundcloud.com/los-fanboys/the-obi-wan-movie-is-a-terrible-idea-more[/embed] In this latest episode of Los Fanboys, Jammer and David shoot the breeze a bit on The Defenders in their spoiler-free first impressions.

Death Note Producer Masi Oka On The Challenge Of Adapting A 12-Volume Manga Into A Film

A challange with any film adaptation from a book, comic book or manga has to be the development of characters. After all they only have about one and a half to two hours to tell

What The Death Note Creators Were Adamant About Getting Right In The Netflix Movie

Every adaptation has its issues to overcome. Translating anything from one medium to another is a difficult task, and that task is usually amplified the more different the mediums are from one another. In the