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Carly Pope Talks Demonic – Neill Blomkamp’s New Experimental Horror Film [Exclusive Interview]

It’s fun to see how movie genres evolve through time. How the way that we get spooked changes as our culture evolves. Effects and ideas that used to haunt audiences seem fairly tame to us

Demonic Trailer Combines The Supernatural and Tech Horrors Together from Neil Blomkamp

Director Neil Blomkamp made his mark on high-tech visuals in cinema with films with District 9, Elysium, and Chappie. In these past few years, he honed his visual skills from his Oats Studios that pushes

Demonic Trailer Has Neill Blomkamp Shifting Into Supernatural Genre

Neill Blomkamp for years is a master of sci-fi and special effects. His first feature film District 9 opened many eyes to his ability of merging the science fiction world with reality. Then he repeated