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DC Releases Covers For Exclusive Retail Variants For Detective Comics #1000

Detective Comics #1000 is just two weeks away! The milestone issue of Detective Comics is just one way that DC is celebrating 80 years of Batman this year, with all sorts of events planned worldwide.

DC Announces Year Long Festivities Celebrating 80 Years Of Batman

Last year we got the landmark Action Comics #1000 and 80 years of the Man of Steel, Superman. Well 2019 is set to be a milestone year for another member of DC Comic's Trinity, Batman.

Creative Teams and Stories For Detective Comics #1000 Revealed

Superheroes couldn't be any popular right now in films and television shows, yet the medium where they came from comics seems to be declining in sales. This is why last years DC Comics' Action Comics

Thoughts On Aquaman, DC Universe Casting, Detective Comics #1000 And More | DC Weekly

Another busy week of DC Entertainment news, the biggest, of course, being the North American release of Warner Bros. Pictures' Aquaman directed by James Wan, starring Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Willem Dafoe, Dolph

First Look At The Arkham Knight And Covers For Detective Comics #1000

Last week in Detective Comics #994 along with the cover and imprint we saw the beginning of the Countdown to #1000. A milestone that was reached this year by Action Comics. Yesterday DC Comics released