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SPOILERS: The Post Credit Scene To Bloodshot That We Didn’t Get

WARNING: SPOILERS FOR SONY'S BLOODSHOT AHEAD Right before all the theaters starting shutting down here in the United States, Sony Pictures released the first film from the Valiant Universe titled, Bloodshot. In this film Vin

Details On The New Comic Book Publisher BAD IDEA And Their Bold Distribution Strategy

Yesterday we the new comic book publisher Bad Idea teased us with a big announcement that took place today. In that piece I went a little into depth regarding who the players that are behind

Geniuses Behind The Valiant Relaunch Are Ready To Shake Up The Comic Book World With Bad Idea

When I got back into comics back in 2012, I started with the basic type of books that you would think of, Batman, Spider-Man, Superman among others, but soon found myself craving something different. Luckily

Source Words: Is This The End Of Valiant? The 9 Panel Grid Podcast: Episode 29

This week on our Source Words segment Jace and Manny are joined by Jordan from the digital comic service ComicBlitz and retailer Brian wells to discuss the sale of Valiant Entertainment to DMG and the