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Demián Rugna And Eduardo Sánchez Talks Satanic Hispanics | Exclusive

Alejandro Brugues brings together a few of the brightest Latin cinema filmmakers in Satanic Hispanics to create an anthology of five short films. Among them is Demián Rugna, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Eduardo Sánchez, Mike Mendez

Satanic Hispanics | Trailer

Satanic Hispanics brings us five short stories that touch on Latin folklore. Each story has its own style in direction bay its own director. The horror anthology is under the direction of Demián Rugna, Gigi

Tiny Cinema | Tyler Cornack Interview

Tyler Cornack developed quite an online following for his comedy horror series Tiny Cinema on their social media channels. With their anthology film, Cornack re-filmed some of the best short horror films from their social

Ditched Trailer Has Paramedics Fighting Escaped Inmates For Survival

It may not be the ultimate showdown, but it’ll be an interesting one. The indie horror Ditched has a few paramedics trapped with escaped prison inmates in the middle of the wilderness. Out of desperation,

Val Clip Has Criminal Captured By A Demon

Oh, sexy demons are a stickler for rules. In the comedy Val, one criminal break into the wrong home and ends more than what he bargains for. Here’s the official synopsis for Val: Fin is