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Prime Video Takes Action In Supporting The Latino Film Institute | Exclusive Interviews

Last night the founder of the Latino Film Institute, Edward James Olmos celebrated Amazon Studios support to the Latino community. They will be sponsoring 2022-2023, Youth Cinema Project (YCP) Alumni Program. The YCP is one of

Walking With Herb: Edward James Olmos Talks About Second Chances [Exclusive Interview]

Edward James Olmos stars in the upcoming film Walking With Herb. A story written by the late Mark Medoff.  https://youtu.be/DnRurQZbdf8 The Synopsis  Joe Amable-Amo (Edward James Olmos) is a bank executive and former amateur golfer

Uplifting, Heartfelt Trailer Starring Edward James Olmos And George Lopez For Walking With Herb

We all have a variety of different ways that we deal with trauma. Some healthy and some unhealthy. One thing that a lot of people turn to in these situations is their faith. Their belief

The Devil Has A Name: Edward James Olmos Directs A Serious Topic With A Touch Of Humor [Exclusive Interview]

Edward James Olmos directs and stars in the new film The Devil Has A Name out today! A film that covers true serious life events with a touch of amusement. https://youtu.be/UN9RO5SnnCs   Here’s the synopsis of