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Expired | Jillian Nguyen Interview [Exclusive]

Jillian Nguyen completely relates to her character with April in the sci-fi romantic film Expired as an immigrant in a different country. April sought a new life in Hong Kong and eventually meets a man,

Expired | Ivan Sen Interview [Exclusive]

Director Ivan Sen visited Hong Kong and he immediately saw visions of a near-futuristic sci-fi world with the streets filled with Blade Runner-like neon lights and landscapes. He wrote the sci-fi romance Expired as a

Expired Trailer Has A Hitman Fallen Ill With A Disease

A hitman tries to stay alive in the futuristic sci-fi film Expired. The film stars Ryan Kwanten, Jillian Nguyen, and Hugo Weaving. Ivan Sen directed and wrote the movie. Here’s a brief synopsis of Expired: