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Unversal’s We Will Be Monsters Available in Virtual Theater Within Fortnite

Universal’s dream of the Monster Universe setting is settling in nicely, but not necessarily on the film front. After Universal’s slow development uniting Dracula, Invisible Man, and the Mummy with its film, its universe proceeded

Fortnite Marvel Crossover Variant Covers Coming Next Month!

Fortnite Marvel Crossover Variant Covers https://youtu.be/td3GJGoK0VY I'm not going to sit here and pretend I know anything about Fortnite. The truth in the matter is that my 9-year-old is the complete opposite. Does this mean

For A Limited Time Tilted Town Is Gotham City In Fortnite

https://youtu.be/OPETg3s3yYM Today was what the pop culture world has come to know as Batman Day. An annual tradition where comic book shops and bookstores celebrate the Dark Knight. This year's edition of Batman Day is

PS4 Crossplay Coming!

When Fortnite first came to the Nintendo Switch not too long ago, one of the big features that was being touted was crossplay. That's right, if you had a Switch, you could play against your

Former Sony SOE President Says Why They Won’t Allow Crossplay On Fortnite

After this year's E3 one of the stories which has grown arms and legs is the issue of cross-play and cross-save between different console brands. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer spoke about how he envisions

Josh Brolin Reacts To Thanos’ Dance Moves In Fortnite

If you have been following our articles you will know that there is a big event happening right now in Fortnite, the super popular Battle Royale shooter. Marvel have invaded Fortnite, specifically the mad Titan

Epic Has Already Nerfed Thanos In Fortnite After Only Two Days

It was only a couple of days ago that Epic announced their limited time Fortnite/ Avengers: Infinity War mash up, details in RELATED below. RELATED: Become Thanos In Fortnite/ Infinity War Mash Up For those unaware,

Become Thanos In Fortnite/ Infinity War Mash Up

Fortnite seems to have taken the video game world by storm in the last year. Avengers: Infinity War is taking the movie world by storm right now. There's only one thing to do, mash up!