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Marisa Echeverria Interview: The Actress Talks Shameless, Goliath, And Star Wars

This past October, I had a chance to speak with actor Marisa Echeverria on her work on Goliath Season 3. In our discussions, she mentioned her excitement at joining Shameless this coming December. Well, months

Goliath Interview: Actor Marisa Echeverria On The Third Season Of The Amazon Series

Amazon Prime Video is has been putting out a lot of great content lately between shows like Carnival Row and Jack Ryan, and one other interesting project that's been running since 2016 is the Billy Bob Thornton-starring Goliath.

Amazon Prime Video Debuts Trailer For Season 3 Of Goliath

https://youtu.be/-mSBOseNiZg Looks like the American legal drama web television series from Amazon Prime Video, Goliath, will be returning October 4th, 2019 exclusively on their streaming service. The star of the series Academy Award and Golden