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Gotham – Why The Show Will Never Be Able To Officially Use This Character

****THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR GOTHAM**** ....... ...... ..... .... ... .. . Ever since Cameron Monaghan's Jerome Valeska appeared on Fox's Batman prequel series Gotham, fans have seemed to accept that he was the Joker. After

Why You Should Stop, Drop, And Watch Fox’s Gotham

Welcome to Stop>Drop>Watch, a new LRM feature where we recommend recent or current TV shows (and movies) you may have missed, stopped watching, or simply want to try out. With DVRs, streaming services, and on-demand

Gotham’s Extended Trailer “See Your Own Darkness” Shows Us Gotham’s Madness

[embed]https://youtu.be/lp_bsz_4e3U[/embed] If you thought Fox's Gotham was insane before, it would seem like the second half of Season 4 is about to be nuts thanks to their extended trailer, "See Your Own Darkness," that was

Ben McKenzie Says Detective Gordon Was The First Batman

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=54&v=GBHj1biBsp8 Actor Ben McKenzie, who plays Detective (eventual commissioner) James Gordon, on Fox's Batman prequel Gotham, recently appeared on The Late Show with Steven Colbert, and was asked how it feels to know that his children

Gotham: Butch Returns As Solomon Grundy

Welcome back to another week of Gotham!  The show has had a fairly decent start to its new season.  What is in store for viewers in this episode?  Will we uncover more about the mysterious

Gotham: Did Ra’s Really Just Do That?!

Gotham is back with its fourth episode of the season.  After the reveal that he used a Lazarus Pit on Barbara, what does Ra's have in store this episode?  Will he and Bruce encounter one

Gotham Brings More Villains Into The Mix

Welcome back to other week of Gotham, Season 4!  Last week's focus was on The Scarecrow emerging, and embracing his new identity.  This week Gordan looks to the aid of an old enemy, Falcone, in

Gotham: Enter The Scarecrow; Plus The Return Of A Familiar Face

Gotham: Season 4 started with strong potential last week.  What do viewers have in store this week?  Will The Scarecrow be a good addition to the show? How will Bruce's "suit" turn out?  Plus, a

Gotham: Familiar Faces And A New Threat Come To Gotham

(Photo Courtesy of Fox.) Gotham returned with its fourth season in the series!  Will  it be able to capitalize on the successful areas of previous seasons, or will it run into more consistency issues? Read

Gotham: Who Made Bruce Wayne’s New Batsuit?

In just a couple weeks time, the fourth season of Fox’s Gotham will premiere, and with it a hope that the earliest version of the Dark Knight ever seen on screen will be prominently featured