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Teresa Palmer And Miranda Otto Discuss Playing Dark Roles For The Clearing | Exclusive

Two of Australia's gems, Teresa Palmer and Miranda Otto star in the new psychological thriller, The Clearing. Palmer and Otto take us through the story of a cult life with many layers of torment and

It’s A Wonderful Binge Trailer | A Hulu Original With The Potential To Be A Stoner Classic

It's a Wonderful Binge, a Hulu Original Film is set in the near future like the 2020 film, The Binge. The only difference now is that the date of the event has been moved to

Prey Trailer | 20th Century Studios Announces That Film Will Be Available In Comanche As A Language Option

This August will be the release of the action thriller, Prey. This is will be the latest installment in the Predator franchise. Thirty-five years after its original release back in 1987, audiences will be taken

Samara Weaving And Eugenio Derbez Star In The Valet | Trailer

After the success with Coda, Eugenio Derbez returns with The Valet alongside Samara Weaving. This story is based on the French film with the same title, directed by Richard Wong. Ben Odell and Eugenio Derbez

Jackie Sorkin Talks About A Candytastrophe In Candified: Home For The Holidays [Exclusive Interview]

The candy queen, Jackie Sorkin creates the perfect holiday candy house in Candified: Home For The Holidays on Hulu! https://youtu.be/z5gD0UzXTdw The Synopsis  The challenge – create a life-size house made of …CANDY! Watch as Candy

Erika Alexander And Zolee Griggs Talk About Motherhood In Wu-Tang: An American Saga S2 [Exclusive Interview]

Erika Alexander and Zolee Griggs play meaningful roles as the female protagonist in Wu-Tang: An American Saga. https://youtu.be/UPXYFo8FIpM   The Synopsis  The Clan is disillusioned with life in the projects, and Bobby (Ashton Sanders, “Moonlight”) knows

Stars Of Hulu’s Plan B Kuhoo Verma And Victoria Morales On Their Teenage Adventure [Exclusive Interivew]

Think about your teenage years. What cringy decisions have you made that you wish you could go back and give yourself advice. As I write this I think about it and continuously shake my head

Natalie Morales Makes Her Directorial Debut In The Hulu Original Film Plan B

Oh the magic of those first years of sexual exploration for the teenage body. Between the hormones and the pressures of peers at school, sometimes mistakes can happen. Mistakes that could include sexually transmitted diseases

The Cast And Filmmakers Talk About Into The Dark: Tentacles [Exclusive Interview]

Hulu’s Into the Dark returns with a second season with the first episode, Tentacles. https://youtu.be/c0P0Ycsv73w   The Synopsis  Tentacles is a psychological horror-thriller about a young Los Angeles couple Tara (Dana Drori) and Sam (Casey