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Monica | Trace Lysette and Andrea Pallaoro on Emotional Trans Story

For Mother’s Day, every parent has high expectations for their children. What if an estranged child needs to reconnect after drastic changes in her life? In Monica, the film tells a story about re-connection, self-discovery,

Alan Cumming And Derek Luke Discuss Wisdom In Rare Object | Exclusive

Alan Cumming and Derek Luke bring words of wisdom in Rare Objects. A story about friendship and self discovery. Based on the novel by Katherine Tessaro with the same title. https://youtu.be/AoeLurk2YSE The Synopsis  RARE OBJECTS

Katie Holmes And Julia Mayorga Discuss Friendship And Discovery In Rare Objects | Exclusive 

Katie Holmes brings to the screen Rare Objects, based on the novel by Katherine Tessaro with the same title. As a co-writer, co-producer, director and co-star with Julia Mayorga.  https://youtu.be/AoeLurk2YSE The Synopsis  RARE OBJECTS is

Rogue Agent Trailer Is One Woman’s Pursuit To Take Down A Fake Spy

Con men certainly have multiple identities they’ll use to deceive their victims. Based on a true story, Rogue Agent has one con man faking his spy identity to lure women into extortion. Ultimately, his crime

Resurrection Trailer Has Rebecca Hall Haunted By Man From the Past

In this psychological thriller Resurrection, Rebecca Hall plays Margaret who places herself into a psychological spiral as she notices a haunting man from her past. The film premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival praising

Penélope Cruz Y Antonio Banderas En La Comedia Competencia Oficial | Trailer

Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas y Oscar Martinez hacen una buena agrupación en la comedia, Competencia Oficial. Hizo su premier en 2021 en competencia durante el festival de cine en Venecia. Desde entonces ha recibido extraordinarias

Clean Trailer Has Adrien Brody Ridding The Streets of Crime

A few actors will ever call the project they star in a passion project. For Adrien Broday, Clean is that project for himself as he starred, produced, co-wrote the screenplay, and composed the score. It’s

Jim Cummings and PJ McCabe on Sexual Satire Thriller in The Beta Test [Exclusive Interview]

In this new decade, the #MeToo campaign alerted all men to check themselves with their sexual hormones. For the Hollywood satire thriller, The Beta Test mocks the industry that they still secretly have strong desires

The Beta Test Trailer Exhibits Satire of Hollywood Toxicity

The Hollywood industry is a dark toxic arena full of mistrust, competition, and sensitive people. With The Beta Test, the film is a Hollywood satire that explores the deep underbelly of sex and this industry.

IFC Films Drops A Trailer For Their Upcoming Comedy ‘Last Call’ Starring Jeremy Piven

Growing up in a big city makes it sometimes difficult to have that community feel that smaller towns enjoy. Lucky for me I had both. My early years were in a big city and my