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Gina Bellman And Noah Wyle Talk About The New Leverage: Redemption [Exclusive Interview]

Leverage: Redemption brings back Sophie played by Gina Bellman and incorporates Harry played by Noah Wilson to the thieves clan. It’s been nine years since TNT's final fifth season of Leverage. Today the Leverage gang makes the

Beth Riesgraf, Christian Kane And Aleyse Shannon Discuss Leverage: Redemption [Exclusive Interview]

Beth Riesgraf, Christian Kane And Aleyse Shannon star in IMDb TV Leverage: Redemption. While Riesgraf and Kane make their return from the original Leverage, Shannon joins as the newbie.  https://youtu.be/CPOeC78AV4M The Synopsis  In this new iteration, and

Alex Rider: Ronke Adekoluejo And Brenock O’Connor Talk About The New IMDb TV Series  [Exclusive Interview]

Ronke Adekoluejo and Brenock O'Connor are part of the new Alex Rider series on IMDb TV.  Alex Rider is based on the second book, Point Blanc of the franchise. Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker (2006) was the

Actor Otto Farrant And Author Anthony Horowitz Talk About Alex Rider [Exclusive Interview]

The actor Otto Farrant plays Alex Rider in the new series with the same title airing on IMDb TV tomorrow. Alex Rider is based on the second book, Point Blank of the franchise. Alex Rider:

A Second Season Of Alex Rider Has Been Announced!

Alex Rider Season Two is announced by IMDb TV and Amazon Prime Video! Season one was a full success this summer on Amazon Prime Video in the UK, Australia and Germany. IMDb in the US,