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Why Adam Brody Had Delayed Disappointment Over George Miller’s Canceled Justice League Film

You may remember way back in the late 2000s that there was a Justice League film in the works. This was before The Avengers had hit it big and essentially vindicated Marvel Studios’ existence, so

Justice League: Mortal Concept Art Shows Off Costumes From Canceled Film

It's one of those film legends that we love to bring up time and again. Long before Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Justice League hit the silver screen, Warner Bros. was hard at

Justice League: Mortal – Armie Hammer Gives Details On His Batman

Long before the current Justice League was assembled, there was a film in the making called Justice League: Mortal. The film -- which was set to be directed by Mad Max: Fury Road helmer George Miller

Sounds Like Justice League: Mortal Would Have Been A Bloodbath

With the recent Justice League just hitting theaters, it makes sense that we’re all looking back to the past at what could have been with the George Miller-directed Justice League: Mortal. Armie Hammer recently hopped

Armie Hammer Describes His Batman Suit From The Canceled Justice League: Mortal

If it wasn't for the Writers' Strike of 2007, we may have already seen a Justice League film, featuring Armie Hammer as Batman. Ten years ago, Justice League: Mortal was in the works, with a cast