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Kraven The Hunter Red Band Trailer – Biggest Comedy Of The Year?

Have you seen the Kraven the Hunter red band trailer yet? You know, the one that's supposed to show why it's R-rated and violent. If not here it is below and there's a big twist.

Marvel Filming Update With Some Rumors And Some Facts

This article shares a Marvel filming update from Atlanta Filming covering several projects from both Marvel and Sony (and one from DC). There is also some hard facts in here as James Gunn recently conformed

Kraven The Hunter BTS Images And Video Show Stunt Double In Action Scene

Today we are sharing some Kraven the Hunter BTS images and video. Taken by fans at the shoot, these videos shows Arron Taylor-Johnson's stunt double performing an action scene on top of a moving car.

Kraven The Hunter Casts Villain In Alessandro Nivola

Deadline reports Kraven the Hunter cast's it's villain in Alessandro Nivola. The actor is most probably well know from the recent movie The Many Saints of Newark, which of course is a prequel to The

Calypso Cast For Kraven The Hunter As Ariana DeBose Signs On

According to Deadline, Calypso cast for Kraven the Hunter! The trade are reporting Ariana DeBose will play Calypso in the Aaron Taylor-Johnson led movie from Sony Pictures. This actually comes as a bit of a

Kraven The Hunter Rumors – Calypso Casting And Russell Crowe’s Role | Barside Buzz

Today we are sharing two Kraven the Hunter rumors. One, some rumored Calypso casting as Sony are circling an actress. Additionally some more information about Russell Crowe's role in the movie. Both stories come from

Chameleon Cast For Kraven Plus Latest Blade Casting

Today we have the latest Blade casting to share plus a report that says Chameleon cast for Kraven the Hunter. Both of these reports come from Deadline, so let's go through them one at a

Russell Crowe Cast In Sony’s Kraven The Hunter

In a rather surprising piece of news THR reports Russell Crowe cast in Sony's Kraven the Hunter starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson. This is rather surprising to most fans because Crowe is already playing Zeus within Thor:

Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power Title Reaction & Filming Updates For Ahsoka, Kraven The Hunter, And Rebel Moon | Daily COG

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Sony’s Kraven Movie To Shoot Next Month Possibly | Barside Buzz

Sony's Kraven movie to shoot next Month? That's the potential Barside Buzz today from the folks over at Murphy's Multiverse. The insider site with a great track record says that whilst dates can always change,