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Growing Fangs Director Ann Marie Pace Talks About Her Disney+ Launchpad Film [Exclusive Interview]

Sometimes as your growing up, you feel that your cultural background differs so much that you feel like a different creature altogether, heck even a monster. When bringing friends over to hang out or dinner,

Dinner Is Served Director Hao Zheng On His Launchpad Film On Disney+ [Exclusive Interview]

One thing I find beautiful about films is the opportunity to learn about people's experiences all around the world. No matter where you are, you can check out a variety of streaming services that offer

American Eid Filmmaker Aqsa Altaf Talks About Her Short Film For Disney’s Launchpad [Exclusive Interview]

The world is a very big place. This means that there are going to be a lot of places with different customs and traditions. With some countries fairing better than others, families sometimes make the

Details About Disney’s Launchpad from Overseers Mahin Ibrahim And Phillip Yah Domfeh [Exclusive Interview]

Currently Disney's streaming service, Disney+ has given subscribers quite a variety of content. Everything from classic Disney films, to Marvel, Star Wars, and even some fantastic National Geographic features. Now starting this weekend they will

An Introduction To Disney+’s Launchpad

Filmmaking is an art that so many people around the world are passionate about. Each of them has a wide range of stories that they want to share on-screen. But only a select few get