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New Trailer: Zombies Ate My Neighbors And Ghoul Patrol Are Back And On Switch!

Disney along with Dotemu are releasing the Lucasfilm Classic Games, Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Ghoul Patrol, for Nintendo Switch. There will also be new features to look forward to as well. Also See: Spider-Man: No

Rise, LucasFilm Games!

Like Emperor Palpatine or Darth Vader before him, there has been another resurrection in the Star Wars Universe. Lucasfilm Games. Today via StarWars.com it was revealed that Lucasfilm Games will be the new identity for

Star Wars: The Last Call Podcast, Why The Old Republic Is The Perfect Setting, And Amazing News For Gamers | The Cantina

Welcome back to The Cantina where we definitely serve your kind. I’m your bartender Kyle Malone and I’m serving up tall glasses of nothing but Star Wars.  By now you know I am the dedicated, well

Is LucasArts Making Games Again?

Back in 2012, the House of Mouse purchased LucasFilm from George Lucas and the world ended... Okay it wasn't/isn't that bad, but there have been some ill effects from the purchase. The most devastating casualty