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The Bad Guys | Craig Robinson and Marc Maron Roundtable Interview

It’s always fun to be The Bad Guys Craig Robinson and Marc Maron lend their voices as part of The Bad Guys pack in the upcoming animated film. Robinson voices Shark and Maron provides his

Marc Maron Wants Marvel Movie Fans To ‘Stop Acting Like Outraged Religious Fanatics’

Marc Maron has never been a man to mince words. Listen to any of his work online, and it becomes abundantly clear how few f**ks the guy gives. Of course, more recently, he set the

Marc Maron Believes Comic Book Movies Are For Male Nerd Childs

How’s that old saying go? Opinions are like a** holes. With all the hype surrounding Marvel and DC everyone’s sure to be ready to toot their horn no matter how stinky that horn may be.