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Outlaw Johnny Black | Michael Jai White on Comedic Westerns

Michael Jai White may be better known for his action skills on screen. With Outlaw Johnny Black, he combined his talents for action and comedy in this Western film both in front and behind the

Send It! Trailer Displays Stunts in Kiteboarding Tournament

There are many narrative films about every water-based competition out there. Now Send It! brings a kiteboarding tournament to the forefront with someone vying for the top prize. In this adventure and action film, Send

Arrowverse Star Wants Green Lantern Role; But Is It Who You Think?

The Green Lantern rumor mill is one that is continuously running. The DCEU made the announcement in 2015 that a Green Lanterns Corps. film would be in the works. An eventual July 2020 release date

Michael Jai White Talks The Dark Knight As The 10th Anniversary Looms

Here comes one of those moments to make you feel old: The Dark Knight turns 10 years old on July 18th. That's right. One of the greatest comic book films ever made has reached a