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Mile 22: Ronda Rousey Discusses The Challenges Of Acting

Former UFC champion Ronda Rousey will star alongside Mark Wahlberg and Lauren Cohan in the upcoming special ops film, Mile 22. LRM's Nancy Tapia was able to sit in on a press conference for the

Mark Wahlberg On How Today’s Political Climate Influenced Mile 22

With his latest film, Mile 22, A-list every-man, Mark Wahlberg, stars as James Silva, leader of an elite CIA team tasked with extracting an asset out of an American embassy in Asia. To handle the

Mile 22: Ronda Rousey On How The Gunfights Were Not Planned In Advance

With Mile 22 hitting theaters domestically on August 17, the fourth collaboration between director Peter Berg and actor Mark Wahlberg has been ramping up the promotional campaign for the movie. LRM's own Nancy Tapia had

Mile 22: Why Mark Wahlberg And Peter Berg Went For A Fictional Story For Their Fourth Collaboration

Mile 22 is the latest collaboration between director Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg after the pair previously worked together on Deepwater Horizon, Patriots Day and Lone Survivor. Mile 22 is due for release domestically on

First Look Photos and Poster for Mark Wahlberg’s Mile 22

[caption id="attachment_104287" align="alignnone" width="6137"] Mark Wahlberg stars in MILE 22[/caption] Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg are teaming up again. They have teamed up to bring a new action film called Mile 22. This action