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Paramount+’s At Midnight | Monica Barbaro on Courtship and Dancing with Diego Boneta

To have Diego Boneta as a lead for a rom-com is certainly a boon for rising star Monica Barbaro in Paramount+’s At Midnight. The film stars Diego Boneta as Alejandro, Monica Barbaro as Sophie, Anders

Paramount+’s At Midnight Reveals Teaser Art and Trailer for Rom-Com in Mexico | TCA 2023

Diego Boneta and Monica Barbaro lead an original movie At Midnight, for Paramount+. The pair is in attendance with director Jonah Feingold at the Television Critics Association 2023 to present the teaser trailer for the

Top Gun: Maverick | Jay Ellis, Monica Barbaro and Lewis Pullman Interview [Exclusive]

It’s a dream to fly, especially for Jay Ellis, Monica Barbaro, and Lewis Pullman in the anticipated sequel of Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick. The trio is part of the top recruits from the Top