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Batman: Kevin Conroy Talks About How Important Conventions Are To Him

A lot of people grew up with Batman: The Animated Series and now even their kids have fallen for this version of the Dark Knight. Online all the time we see debates on who is

How An Illness Gave Diane Pershing The Voice Of Poison Ivy On Batman The Animated Series

For many Batman fans out there, their Batman is not Christian Bale or Michael Keaton but Kevin Conroy. Same thing can be said about the Joker, not Jack Nicholson or even Heath Ledger but Mark

Consantine: City Of Demons Writer On Whether He Prefers Writing Screenplays Or Comics | NYCC 2018

For some reason, as humans, we like to compare things. Which is better? Apple or PC? Marvel or DC? Indie or big-budget? Why do we do it? Maybe picking a side helps us figure out

Constantine: City Of Demons Director Comments On Possible Return Of Live-Action Constantine Show | NYCC 2018

John Constantine’s popularity seems to be on the rise of late, or at least DC and Warner Bros have begun to invest more time and money in my favorite DC character, as far as live-action

The Challenge Of Writing Constantine: City Of Demons | NYCC 2018

NYCC is a Mecca for nerds and film buffs from around the world. LRM’s very own Jace Miliam recently completed the journey. While there Jace attended a roundtable discussion with Constanine: City of Demons Screenwriter

Constantine: City Of Demons Writer Loves Matt Ryan As The Hellblazer | NYCC 2018

John Constantine. Exorcist. Demonoligist. Master of the Dark Arts. John Constantine has never been more popular than today, even though it has been 13 years since the Keanu Reeves film and three years since the

Hellboy Heading To NYCC, Could We Get A Trailer?

If you can believe it, the impending Hellboy reboot isn't that far away. It's set to hit theaters this coming January. However, if you've been following the production closely on this thing, you may be

Netflix’s NYCC Lineup Includes Daredevil, Sabrina, The Dark Crystal, And More!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pe5KoJTLY0 New York Comic Con is fast-approaching, and with it, studios and networks are slowly announcing their lineups that fans can look forward to. Netflix has a healthy number of projects worth checking out, and

Daredevil, Runaways, The Gifted Headed To New York Comic Con

It's been well over two years since the Devil of Hell's Kitchen had a solo outing. Sure, he had a hand in taking down...the Hand...in The Defenders, but as far as him hitting the streets

DC Universe’s Titans To Premiere At New York Comic Con

If you're one hungry, hungry DC fan who simply can't wait to feast their eyes on the new live-action TV series Titans -- which is set to air on their DC Universe streaming service on