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Paper Mario Headed Back To Its RPG Origins With New Switch Game? | LRM’s Barside Buzz

Paper Mario. Man, there’s a franchise that’s seen better times. I remember the good ol’ days. The days when we were treated to those hilarious commercials for the original Nintendo 64 game that started it

RUMOR: Could Super Mario Odyssey 2 Or Paper Mario Be Headlining Next Nintendo Direct?

Could Super Mario Odyssey 2 or Paper Mario be headed to the next potential Nintendo Direct? It’s been north of 200 days since we’ve had a standard Nintendo Direct. Given that we still know nothing

RUMOR: Paper Mario And 2D Metroid To Hit Switch This Year

Nintendo likes to play things close to the chest. With the exception of a few big titles at a time, they generally like to keep their release schedule under wraps until a few months before.