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Indie Psychological Thriller Prodigy Lands On Netflix

You may recall several months back, I had the opportunity to speak with a filmmaker named Alex Haughey about his new (at the time) film Prodigy. In our discussions, we delved into inspirations for the

Netflix And Mark Millar Announce New Comic Series

  It has been just over a year since Netflix and comic book writer Mark Millar (Civil War, The Ultimates, Superman: Red Son) announced a deal which would see Netflix begin publishing comics. Back in

Prodigy Review: Good Will Hannibal Lecter

Should a young person ever be sentenced to die, no matter how atrocious their crime, or how dangerous they could be to the future of mankind? Is it possible to bring a lost cause over

Prodigy Interview: Co-Director Alex Haughey On Creating The Low-Budget Psychological Thriller

Making a film is no easy feat, and making a low-budget film? That's a whole different ball of wax. With Prodigy, co-directors Alex Haughey and Brian Vidal managed to take less than $100,000 and turn it