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Camino Fiction Club: El Pulp Fight | Breaking Geek Radio: The Podcast

https://soundcloud.com/los-fanboys/camino-fiction-club-el-pulp-fight-breaking-geek-radio-the-podcast Subscribe on: Apple Podcasts |  Spotify  |  SoundCloud | Stitcher | Google Play Breaking Geek Radio: The Podcast is about analyzing geekdom and the things we like: an in-depth examination of movies, television, and culture. Expect reviews, a look at entertainment controversies, and

Do You Love Tarantino Flicks? We Do! Check Out Our Top 3! | LRM Ranks It Podcast

https://soundcloud.com/los-fanboys/do-you-love-tarantino-flicks-we-do-check-out-our-top-3-lrm-ranks-it-podcast Welcome to the LRM Ranks It Podcast where we go deeper into our lists of favorite movies, TV shows, video games, and more. This is where you’ll get the in-depth analysis of the subjects

Do You Love Tarantino Flicks? We Do! Check Out Our Top 3!

https://youtu.be/jVC83foZhpQ Welcome to THE NEW AND IMPROVED LRM Ranks It! This is the video feature where two LRM writers share their personal rankings for various properties! Be it comic book movies or Star Wars-related, you’d better