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Rambo: Last Blood Gets R Rating

I never had a doubt in my mind that Rambo: Last Blood would be getting an R rating. Even back when long-running franchises were getting PG-13 makeovers (in the 2000s), John Rambo went hard R,

Rambo: Last Blood – New Teaser Pays Tribute To Rambo’s Violent History

It baffles me how someone like Sylvester Stallone could somehow play one of the sweetest, most wholesome characters in history alongside one of the darkest and most twisted. Of course, I’m talking about both Rocky

Rambo: Last Blood Trailer Teases The Return Of A Legend

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vWg5yJuWfs Wait...did this just happen? Did this trailer actually get me excited to see another Rambo movie? Yeah, that just happened. I've been pretty outspoken about my complete disinterest in seeing this franchise return for

Rambo V Set Video Shows Stallone Rehearsing Violent Scene

As much as I've enjoyed some of those Rambo movies over the course of my existence (good God, are they super violent -- especially the last one), I can't say I'm super jazzed at the

Stallone Gives Some Detail On Rambo 5, But Is There any Life Left In This Old Wardog?

*Warning! This article contains a fair level of SPOILERS for Rambo 5's plot and premise.* ... .. . I was a huge fan of Rambo growing up, and I do mean growing up, because it's