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Renfield Review: Let It Feed & To The Max… For Rebranding | BGR

Renfield Review: Let It Feed & To The Max... For Rebranding | Breaking Geek Radio: The Podcast  Breaking Geek Radio: The Podcast is about analyzing geekdom and the things we like: an in-depth examination of

Nicolas Cage Talks Past Good And Bad Vampires | Renfield Exclusive Interview

Nicolas Cage puts on the fangs again for Renfield. In 1988 he played a vampire in the making for Vampire’s Kiss, but now he wears the full attire with Nicholas Hoult as his henchman.   https://youtu.be/6LmO6rmDW08

Renfield: Chris McKay To Direct Universal’s Monster Movie

Renfield has found a director. Deadline reports that Chris McKay (The Lego Batman Movie, The Tomorrow War) has joined Universal's "MonsterVerse." No, not the one with Godzilla Vs. Kong. No, not Dark Universe. You know,