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Outlaw Johnny Black | Michael Jai White on Comedic Westerns

Michael Jai White may be better known for his action skills on screen. With Outlaw Johnny Black, he combined his talents for action and comedy in this Western film both in front and behind the

Bank of Dave | Dave Fishwick on the True Life Story on Screen

People adore any story of David versus Goliath. In the case of Bank of Dave it is a story of one “David” named Dave Fishwick versus the British banking establishment. Despite the bank regulator's reluctance,

Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday | Harry Kirby and George Kirby Interview

Accident Man is back with more action and humor than ever. The Kirby Brothers, or rather Harry Kirby and George Kirby, take the helm in this explosive sequel Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday. The film’s lead,

Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday | Scott Adkins Interview

In the sequel Accident Man: Hitman's Holiday, Scott Adkins returns as the devious assassin Mike Fallen. The follow-up film features more accidents, humor, and action as Fallen goes toe-to-toe with some fiercest killers. Here is

Big Gold Brick | Brian Petsos Interview [Exclusive]

Life is not paved with gold bricks. It’s just with bizarre incidents and characters in a journey with a surreal story of Big Gold Brick. From writer and director Brian Petsos, the film stars Emory

Minamata | Andrew Levitas Talks Eugene Smith, Industrial Environmental Disasters, & Working With Johnny Depp [Exclusive]

ILBE and Samuel Goldwyn Films partnered to release the film, Minamata.  This film features beloved actor Johnny Depp immersing himself into the role of the real-life celebrated photojournalist Eugene Smith. Taking place in the 70's

Brooklyn Letexier-Hart on First Lead Role with Indigenous Dystopian Film Night Raiders [Exclusive Interview]

The children are a worthy investment in the future. In Night Raiders, the children are assets belonging to the government for all purposes they need, including conscription. With Brooklyn Letexier-Hart, it marks her first lead

Night Raiders Trailer Has Mother Trying to Save Daughter from Government Conscription

Night Raiders utilizes many Indigenous influences to tell its sci-fi thriller. The film marks the directorial debut of Saskatchewan-born Cree/Metis writer and director Danis Goulet (Wakening, Barefoot). The cast includes Elle-Maija Tailfeathers (The Body Remembers

Filmmaker Craig Moss On Bringing The Black Eyed Children To His Film Let Us In [Exclusive Interview]

Depending on our age and threshold for spooky stuff, Urban Legends can be fun. Or can be the catalyst for long nights awake in bed thinking that something or someone is going to get you.