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Artificial Intelligence Engine Uses Preloaded Scripts To Create It’s Own Original Work

Artificial intelligence. The advancements made in this field can at times border on something truly frightening. It's been said that if we aren't careful, it won't be long before a Skynet-like entity becomes our overlords.

AI Taking Over The World, Starting With Hollywood

It’s not quite Judgment Day yet. But rest assured as humans are hard at work empowering artificial intelligence with the tools it needs to transition into filmmaking and write its own perfect version of a

Can ScriptBook’s AI Tech Save The Film Industry From Itself? | FilmStuck Pilot

https://soundcloud.com/los-fanboys/can-scriptbooks-ai-tech-save-save-the-film-industry-from-itself-filmstuck-pilot In this very special episode of Los Fanboys, we introduce you to the potential sub-series FilmStuck. In it, we dig deep into one unique aspect of the entertainment business, interview industry guests, and look

Films Could Eventually Get Greenlit By…Artificial Intelligence?

Cue the obligatory Skynet jokes, because artificial intelligence is about to consume us all! In today's day and age, machines are helping to expedite the production process on many fronts, and in many cases, new