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We Are Living Things | Jorge Antonio Guerrero and Antonio Tibaldi Slamdance Interview [Exclusive]

People tend to unite with each other with shared experiences. It’s especially the case with people who had close encounters with UFOs in the indie film We Are Living Things. The film stars Jorge Antonio

Honeycomb | Avalon Fast Slamdance Interview [Exclusive]

Honeycomb is a summer of horror as five girls takeover an abandoned cabin. With director Avalon Fast, she crafted a psychedelic coming-of-age horror film where the girls set rules and punishments in order to keep

Hanna Ha Ha | Cast and Crew Slamdance Interview [Exclusive]

For many teens, summers are fun and a waste of time. For one teen in Hanna Ha Ha, she discovers the responsibilities of taking a job may be even more wasteful. Here is the synopsis